No matter how out of tune you are, singing can make you feel happier. Choral members who were surveyed said singing put them in a better mood and made them feel less stressed. Singing also can be good for your breathing and posture, as well as your heart and immune system.But singing is not only good for you: when you sing to or with your children, it’s beneficial for them too. You can use singing to soothe your child, encourage his speech and language development and as a teaching tool. Singing improves a child’s memory and teaches him how to rhyme, both prerequisite skills for reading. Singing also helps your child enhance his vocabulary and, depending on the songs, can teach him about science, history and culture.


Anonymous asked: I notice my nipples are sensitive to touch and a small are around them especially when I lay on my stomach. There's also like a weird bump around my nipple. Could the breast symptoms come up this early? It's been about 16 days

It’s very early but it’s possible that these are pregnancy signs. However, they might have other causes, too. Try not to think too much about it, so you won’t drive yourself crazy while you’re waiting to take a test. (You can take one on the first day of your missed period). 


Anonymous asked: I found out I'm pregnant and my bf wants to be there and go through it together. Thing is were both fairly young and we live quite far from each other about 90 minutes I would say. What should we do to make it work? Should we try to convince our parents if one of us can move in? What would work better if I move in with his family or he moves with my family? We definitely can't get a place because were both under 18 and don't have steady income. I'm just scared do you think my mom will help us?

I’m happy to hear your boyfriend is supportive. My advice for you is to talk openly and honestly with everybody involved. Playing with open cards is usually the best bet. Of course i can’t tell you how your mom will react but if you openly say that you’re determined to raise your baby with your boyfriend and make sure she knows you’re both serious and mature about it, i think she’ll have no reason not to help you. I don’t know your family or his but maybe you already have a feeling who could be more supportive. Needless to say, it makes more sense to move in with the more supportive family. But that’s not the only important thing. Talk honestly with them about the logistics, too: Who has enough room for another person to move in? Is there anything that ties one of you more to his hometown than the other one (school, friends etc.)? And maybe in an open discussion, there will be other suggestions and ways to make it work you didn’t think about yet. 


Anonymous asked: I've been TTC for a while now and I'm five days away from AF. I know exactly when I ovulated and everything. Today, I noticed my breasts are changing in a way I've never seen before. They are perkier and my nipples look slightly bigger as well as poking out from my breast a little more than usual. Sorry to be so, descriptive but, do these changes sound like pregnancy or just AF? Sorry to be a bother, I just want to ask someone. Thanks for your time.

It could be both. I’m sorry i can’t give a more definitive answer but there’s no way to tell. If you never noticed these changes before, it’s possible that they’re not related to your period but that’s nothing more than guesswork. In five days you can take a pregnancy test and i think it’s best to wait it out and not freak yourself out/get your hopes up too much until then by thinking too much about it! 


Anonymous asked: I feel a weird feeling on my lower stomach and it's the second week after I had unprotected sex, could this be it?

Of course you could be pregnant but your weird feeling is most likely not a pregnancy symptom. It’s possible it’s a trick your mind plays on you. Often, if a girl thinks she’s pregnant, she listens very closely to her body and that’s why we sometimes overvalue every little thing our body does, even if it’s completely unrelated to pregnancy. The only sure sign of pregnancy is a positive pregnancy test, so wait until you miss your period and take a test (If you’re not sure when your next period is due, you can do a pregnancy test 21 days (three weeks) after you last had unprotected sex.) You can buy one in a pharmacy or supermarket. It’s best to take it in the morning, the result is more reliable then. Alternatively, you can get a test done at your doctor’s office.


Anonymous asked: I drank some caffeine and I barely found out I'm two weeks pregnant. I also had a drink of beer not a whole one last weekend. In very worried because I did not know I was pregnant. Could something happen to the baby?!

The most important thing is that you live healthy from now on. Most likely your baby is alright, don’t worry too much. In most cases a pregnancy would end in a early miscarriage if damage is done so early. Yours didn’t, so i assume your baby is safe. However, it’s important you adopt a healthy lifestyle now. That means no alcohol, no cigarettes, no drugs at all and as little caffeine as possible (Some studies say a little caffeine won’t hurt but it’s best to play it safe and either avoid it altogether or limit it strictly). Drink lots of water, eat a healthy, balanced diet including whole grains and vegetables and take a daily prenatal vitamin. As long as you adopt those healthy habits now and kick any unhealthy ones, your baby will most probably be healthy and happy. 

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Being pregnant means you take part in the miracle of life. It sounds like a cliché—until it happens to you! And then, it’s hard NOT to marvel at the bundle of joy that’s actually growing inside of you. — Unknown 

iseealittlesilhouettoofacat asked: If anyone needs to talk or needs advice, I'm here :) I'm 19 and have a 6 month old daughter. I'm also in college.. I know juggling all your responsibilities can be stressful, especially being a new mom & I'd love to help in any way I can :)

I will add you to my “Need somebody to talk to?” list. Thankyou! 


Anonymous asked: My breasts don't feel sore or anything. However, my nipples are kinda sensitive and when I touch above they feel sensitive. Could this be early pregnancy symptoms? And how early can they come?

It’s a possible early sign. In fact, breast changes (including sensitiveness) are often the earliest noticeable symptoms. Some women experience them as soon as one week after conception. But keep in mind that every symptom can have other causes than pregnancy, too. So, don’t pay too much attention to them and wait for a test to confirm your pregnancy, so you don’t get nervous for nothing!