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Anonymous asked: On the 28th of September I missed a pill and my boyfriend and I had sex that day. I got my period early on October 6th on a Monday, and I usually start on a Wednesday every 28 days. After my period which was shorter than usual, I have been having a light brown discharge and it's been going on for two weeks. I took a test and it turned out negative, but I don't think I took it at the right time since it was after a period. Could you help me out please?

I think you should go to a doctor. Your symptoms are unusual and you should pay attention to them, even though they (probably) don’t point to pregnancy. I don’t mean to scare you and it’s possible that they’re totally harmless but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, i recommend you visit your doctor. 


Anonymous asked: Hi, is there any ways I can reduce my stress levels. I have been dealing with a lot from my ex house mate and Im afraid my stress is stressing the baby. I am 16 weeks x

There are different things you can try. My personal favorite is using your imagination. When you have a few minutes (or ideally half an hour) for yourself, sit or lay down, close your eyes, lay your hands on your belly, do whatever makes you feel comfortable and then imagine something calming and beautiful. You can imagine something related or unrelated to your pregnancy. Examples for the latter option are calm places in nature or a real place where you felt happy. I prefer something related to pregnancy, tho, because it has the benefit of making you feel more connected to your baby and might even help you bond more easily after birth. (But that’s up for you to decide and different people find different things relaxing). You can imagine the things you look forward to after birth: Cuddling or playing with your baby, singing or talking to him/her or taking a walk outside for the first time etc. Whatever you imagine, make it as detailed as possible and try to use all your senses. The reason behind this is that your mind can’t really tell imagination from reality. That’s why thinking about scary situations makes many people feel physical reactions like a faster beating heart. It works the other way around, too, and you can use that for your own benefit: Imagine something calm and happy and your body reacts by making you feel calm and happy. Other things you can try are deep breathing or Yoga. Deep breathing means you focus on exhaling and inhaling. You can imagine how you exhale all your problems or you can focus on your breath and one phrase you keep repeating in your mind and let all other thoughts pass. Examples for phrases are “I’m strong.” or “I’m calm.” or something you say to your baby like “I love you.” Whatever you choose, it should be positive and simple. If you want to try Yoga, talk to your doctor first and ask him if he can recommend any local classes for pregnant women. Some of them are free or low-cost. Talking about your stress can be helpful too, with friends or family members or with a professional (a therapist, for example.) 





For you, my little one.
I got the idea for this tattoo from the bracelet that was around my son’s ankle while we shared our only two days together in Boca Raton Hospital. I chose to get the nurse’s (who first handed him to me) handwriting, because it holds a more personal meaning. This same nurse came into my room at the end of her shift, after the adoption papers had been signed, and Merrick had left with his new family to give me a few items she thought I’d want to treasure. His bracelet, his hat, and his blanket from the nursery. So to that beautiful nurse who went above and beyond to make sure I wasn’t leaving the hospital with just the clothes on my back, I thank you for being so kind.

And to my little one, if ever you have doubts about the decision I made, I will be here to explain when you are old enough and willing to listen.
I love you dearly, even if my last name no longer clings to your first.

- Birthmom.

This has gotten so much love. 
Thank you.


Love this.

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Anonymous asked: So the other day I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke. He came inside but pulled out at the same time. I've been on birth control for the past 5 months (I've taken it daily) and I'm scared shitless.

Don’t worry. The pill is, if used correctly, very effective. You said you’ve taken it daily, so there’s no risk of failure due to inconsistency. It’s not impossible that you’re pregnant (no kind of birth control is 100% effective, even if used perfectly) - but it’s unlikely. There’s no reason to panic! 


Anonymous asked: If you have unprotected sex everyday, are you guaranteed pregnancy? If not, whyyyy?????

No. Of course, having sex often will increase your chance of pregnancy (Although daily sex is not necessary and some experts even say every other day is better than every day, explained below.) . But there is no guarantee. Even if you always have perfectly timed sex during your most fertile time, it might take months or years to get pregnant (and sadly, some women will never get pregnant at all.) That’s because sperm entering your body at the right time is just one of many steps needed to make you pregnant. The sperm may not reach the egg or not fertilize it, the fertilized egg might not implant in the uterus properly .. And those things can happen for many different reasons. It’s not always something the person/couple who is trying to conceive can control. Pregnancy is a miracle -  and you can’t control when or if miracles happen. However, there’s no reason to paint everything black. The numbers are in your favor: Most couples who try to conceive will get pregnant within the first year of trying (between 60 and 80%, according to different studies). And even if it takes longer to get pregnant, there’s always a next step - trying again during your next cycle, talking to your doctor, fertility treatment. Don’t give up hope. Just give yourself and your body time and don’t get dead-set on a specific time to get pregnant. And, really important, relax. That’s why having sex every day is not recommended by some experts: It can get really stressful. Stress is not good for your fertility and overall health. And it’s not necessary either. Have sex everyday during your fertile period (3 days before, on and up to 24 hours after ovulation) and a few times a week during the rest of your cycle when you’re less fertile. 


Anonymous asked: I had sex a couple weeks ago with one of the schools biggest players(i know sounds cliché) but I didn't get my period when I was supposed to and I just felt terrible. I took a few pregnancy tests, they all came out positive expect one and now I'm really scared because I don't know what to think but if I am pregnant I know he's not gonna want anything to with it since he's a hockey player from out of town but all i girls want him and I'm just so scared what can I do?:((

I think you should go to your doctor and let him confirm your pregnancy. (Don’t worry, he’s bound to professional discretion and will not tell anybody about it.) It’s the only sure way to know if you’re pregnant or not. It’s likely that you are. If you are, you have different options to think about. Most importantly: It’s your and only your decision. Don’t rush into anything and don’t let anybody else decide for you. If you want to keep your baby, it’s definitely possible, with or without his support. There are organisations out there that’ll help you. Emotionally, financially, finding you a place to stay etc. Your local pregnancy care center will be able to point you in the right direction. Google for “pregnancy care center (your hometown)” and you’ll find addresses. If you need help, tell me where you live and i’ll search for you! You can also ask your local church for help. (You don’t need to be religious to do so). If you don’t want to keep your baby, think about adoption or foster care. On my blog, you’ll find the section “Helpful links”. If you scroll down, there are links about adoption and foster care, too. There are many different types: You can have a lot, a little or  no contact with your child, you can choose the family or let an agency decide.. It’s worthwhile to research it! If you don’t know what you want, don’t worry. Take your time to decide and don’t rush into anything you might regret later. It’s a good idea to contact an helpline. I recommend You can call, e-mail or chat with them. It’s free, confidently and they give good, non-judgemental advice. If you have more questions or once you know your result, feel free to contact me again! You’re not alone. I wish all the best to you!  

Language skills develop through human interaction — not through baby DVDs or TV — so talk to baby as often as you can. Tell her what you’re doing, ask questions, and use dramatic gestures and tones. She’s watching and catching on